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Questions We Are Regularly Asked

Home improvement has come a long way in the last few decades, and many homeowners are now turning to it as a way to keep living in their current homes, as upgrading to a bigger one is often out of their reach. If you are thinking of a renovation, then Lions Home Improvement are the people of choice. The following FAQ article will outline our services, and what we can offer you.

How long have you been in the renovation business?

Our company opened in 2019, and for more than 4 years now we have been helping the residents of Centerville, MA upgrade their homes. Our workmanship follows all local and state building codes and safety regulations, which means if inspections are required, we do not worry. Our workmanship is precise, and the materials, tools, and equipment used are of the highest caliber. Our team is known for their hard work, open communication, integrity, and honesty, making us one of the leading renovation providers in the area. Our various talents run from carpentry to painting, and you will find a more comprehensive list of the rest of them further in this post.

Do you take checks, or is it on a cash-only basis?

Of course we take checks if you would prefer to pay us in this manner.

What about your estimates, are they free?

They sure are. In our game, these are what provide us with our bread and butter. We may not be the cheapest in town, but we know that we are the most competitive. Hiring the cheapest contractor is not always a good thing. As corners will have been overlooked in order for this figure to be attained. Which does not bode well for your project further down the line.

Do your services only extend to the people of Centerville, MA?

No, we also have projects in the following cities:

  • Dennis Town, MA;

  • Hyannis, MA;

  • Mashpee Town, MA;

  • East Falmouth, MA;

  • West Yarmouth, MA.

If the project is sizable, we could be persuaded to travel further.

How am I to know how good your workmanship is?

We have made it easy for you, open our gallery page today to find out more.

Is your company licensed?

Of course we are, not to possess this means we are working illegally. If you would like to see it, just ask.

What do your renovation services include?

Please read the following:

  • Tile Services

  • Painting

  • Bathroom Remodeling

  • Kitchen Remodeling

  • Sidewall Services

Further and more comprehensive details on these services are available on request.

Have you received any feedback on your services, prices, and workmanship?

Of course we have. The data that you are looking for is on our testimonials page.

Do you take on any commercial projects?

Sorry no, we are strictly residential.

What are the opening hours of Lions Home Improvement?

We are open from the following times:

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

When you are completely satisfied that this frequently asked questions article has supplied all of the answers to your questions, and you would like to proceed and make an appointment with our home renovation company, please do not hesitate to call us today at this number (774) 559-3181 within our hours of work.

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